Australian Wildlife Artist | Kerri Dixon

Artist Bio


  Born and Raised in Brisbane Australia, Kerri Dixon always had a passion for the outdoors and the natural beauty that constantly surrounds us in this country.


  Kerri has no formal art training other than studying Art and Graphics through to her senior year in High School and has been a Signwriter her whole working career and still runs her own Signwriting business along with her husband of 23 years.


  Juggling work, Art and being a parent is never easy but Kerri enjoys the challenge and thrives on the whole creative process and meeting deadlines for Competitions etc.


  She believes true art that emotes feelings is not learnt in books or studying, it comes from within, which cannot be taught. Practice and life are the best teachers.


  Growing up with a family that enjoyed camping, at both beach and forests, her love  for animals was able to develop in these adolescent years not only by having a multitude of pets but also being able to see our native creatures in their natural habitat.


  This love has since manifested itself into her passion for painting Wildlife

which she does in many different mediums – Oils, Acrylic, Graphite, Pencil and has recently tried her hand at Pastels.


  After completing a short course with Pastel Artist David Wells in 2013 she has found that Soft Pastels are her favourite medium to express this passion. Kerri has already won “Best use of Media” for her Dingo Portrait “Misunderstood (Who’s the real threat)” at the 2014  Wildlife Art @ Discovery CSIRO Symposium, Canberra.  And that being only her 2nd large Pastel Drawing were sure to hear more from this talented up and coming Artist.




Finalist "Natural Abstraction" - Moreton Bay Regional Art Awards 2016

Finalist "Looking for a Future" - Moreton Bay Regional Art Awards 2015

Wildlife Art Award "My Island Home" - 'The Art of Nature Show' Floriade, Canberra 2015

Best in Show "The Silent Stare" - Redcliffe Art Society 2015

Special Recognition "Misunderstood" - Light Space & Time Nature Art Competition 2015

Best Application of Chosen Medium "Misunderstood" - Wildlife Art @ Discovery, Canberra 2014

Special Recognition Award "Misunderstood" - Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery 2015

Wildlife Art Award "My Island Home" -  WABA Annual Exhibition 'Floriade' Canberra 2015



"Meows & Roars of Inspiration" (Looking for a Future) - Out of step books