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Orango Tango Fundraiser

I have started a Fundraising page to help out the Orangutans. If we can raise

$1000 it will save 1 orphaned Orangutan from certain death if left in whats left of

the forest.

I am making this possible by doing drawings of Orangutans and selling them,

the total money the drawings are sold for goes directly into the fundraiser so I do not see

a cent. I will even post you the drawing and cover the postage cost out of my own pocket.

What better way to own an original drawing and save an Orangutan at the same time.

I really hope I get a lot of support with this xx

The first one is finished and sold for $50, the second drawing is going to be underway

hopefully next week, it too is also sold. I'd like to thank Chrissy and Nicole for being such

wonderful supporters of not only my work but of this Orangutan Fundraiser.

Stay tuned for more drawings as they become available :)