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An Unexpected Pleasure

I have unexpectantly started a new Dingo Pastel, which is turning out to be a lot of fun. It has given me a chance to use the new Uart 400 grade roll of Sanded Pastel Paper I had sent over from the States and I am loving it!!! My pastels not so much as it is quite course and is chewing through them. I also learnt to wear gloves when blending large areas haha, believe me your fingers will thank you.

As far a the unexpected part, I was talking to Julia from WABA (Wildlife and Botanical Artist Assoc) and she asked if I was entering in this years Exhibition.

I hadn't really considered it as I didn't really have anything to send but she said they would love to have one of my Dingos entered and they are expecting 80,000 people to cross the door so I thought Challenge Accepted. Which gives me 2 weeks to get it done from start to finish and I'm pretty sure I'm on track to do it.

I really needed something like this to come along because my other Dingo is taking sooooo long to finish that a new project is perfect to get my butt into gear.

Kerri xx