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My Island Home

Well 2 weeks on and I've met the deadline for my new Dingo Pastel to be finished, now its up to the framer to get it done in a week. He loves me so I hope he can haha. Then for the shipping company to get it to Canberra by the 30th. My fingers will be crossed for the next 2 weeks hoping this all goes to plan.

I had a day off today so went up to Australia Zoo again to take a few more photos, I'm calling it a success because I definitely have about 4 photos out of say the 100 I took that I will be making new paintings from in the future.

I will post a photo on here once the new Dingo painting is framed. Oh and I named it "My Island Home'. The theme of the exhibition it is going too is Harmony and I think this guy looks very at piece laying on the beach. You could say he is in harmony with the environment he's in.

Till next week

Kerri xx