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Pastel Workshop with Lyn Diefenbach

What an amazing weekend I have just had, I attended a Pastel Workshop at Redcliffe Art Society Studio with Lyn Diefenbach who is an Australian Master Pastellist.

I must say I have done a few workshops and this hands down beats everyone. What a wealth of knowledge Lyn shared with us.

It was a 2 day workshop and the first day was spent with Lyn talking to us about her work and whats she's been doing as well as many hours of actual drawing lectures and her 4 areas you can go wrong in a painting, which are LINE, VALUE/TONE, COLOUR and EDGE. If you get all of these right then you will have a great painting on your hands.

I also took many notes on different pastel brands to use and which work best on certain substraits. We then started our own drawing in the afternoon.

The second day was spent totally working on our own painting with Lyn wandering the room giving advice and input on our work.

Below are my 2 days of work and believe it or not the second photo is after 5 hrs more work than the first photo. Slow and steady wins the race I think haha.