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  • Kerri Dixon

Happy New Year!!

Better late than never, hey :)

I hope everyone is off to a great start this year. I have already finished 1 large pastel piece. Mind you I was under a timeframe as it was a gift for a close friends wedding. I just loved this photo of a Lion and his Lioness when I saw it in black and white and new it would make the perfect wedding present for this lovely couple. I redid it in colour to give some more impact and called it "Love and Respect"

The protective stance of the male and then the strong forward stare of the female is what drew me to this picture. I think this is a great symbol of what a couple should be.

I have big plans of entering quite a few art competitions this year, so will have to get my butt into gear and get some paintings finished in time.

I also plan on doing at least 4 more Dingo Paintings this year as they are always a favourite and I just love painting them, I also love donating the 5% of sales

to Save the Fraser Island Dingo Association which is recieved with much pleasure.

I am starting to video my painting progress, so look forward to some technique videos that I will put up on Facebook and Instagram.

So until next time, happy painting :)