Australian Wildlife Artist | Kerri Dixon

  • Kerri Dixon


After way too many months working on this piece, I can finally say I have finished it and its off to the framers. I have decided to call this one Longing...

I really feel that the look in this guys eye is a look of longing for either food, a lost mate, the future of her pups, you can really put a number of things here that

she would be longing for. These guys do it pretty tough on Fraser Island due to so much miss management that has been going on over the years.

The eyes really are the window to the soul and this girls says it all.

I will post one more photo of this once its finished and then onto something new, I'm sure everyones sick of seeing this painting haha.

I have also done another drawing in the last month, this one is something completely different, It's a coloured pencil and pointillism drawing I made up

after doing a quick online course called and I used a coupon from and got the course for only $19. This style of drawing is something completely different for me and I'm not sure if I will continue with it but it sure was fun doing something left of field for me.

I also used it as an experimental piece to try putting a resin finish over the top and it worked really well. I will definitely be doing a short vid of this process as I

have some great ideas for using resin with my work in the future.

Till next time, Happy Painting xx

Kerri :)