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Flooded Friday

Well, it's been an interesting few days here in Queensland. To the north of us, there has been an enormous cyclone called Debbie, who has been wreaking havoc through the beautiful islands and beaches of northern Queensland. But she wasn't finished there, she has now, as I am writing this headed south of our property dumping unrelenting rain on Brisbane and the Gold Coast causing river heights and flooding we have never seen before. I feel especially lucky that my family and I have got out of this extreme weather event without any damage. My thoughts are with all of those that have sustained damage and are at this moment being evacuated from their homes. It has been that extreme that our government have shut over 1000 schools for the last 2 days, and urged all business to close by midday so everyone could get home safely before the flooding started. So believe me this was a huge event for South East Queensland. For such an extreme weather event that has affected millions of people, I can proudly say that there have been no fatalities as I am writing this. So a big shoutout to all our emergency services and governments by being on top of this and getting everyone prepared before it hit.

Ok well, just a quick note on what I'm up to on the art side of things. I have a few pieces I am about to start, as there are a few competitions I would like to enter in April, so I really need to get my finger out and start drawing. I am still totally hopeless at getting sidetracked, but this is a weekend that I don't really have too much planned so I am hoping to get a bit achieved and start sharing some progress photos on my social media soon.

So until next week, stay safe and dry people :)

Kerri xx