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Finished and Framed Lion Cub

I have finally received a new drawing back from the framers. This is one of the highlights of Art I think. I absolutely love seeing the finished piece once it is framed. I don't know why but once it gets to that stage, it just seems to make the drawing look a million bucks. That is as long as the frame and matt board has been chosen with care. I think I get as nervous picking these colours as I do actually working on the piece. Anyone else feel this way about the framing porcess?

I also can't stress enough about getting a great professional picture framer. If you want to be taken as a professional Artist then you must finish your drawings / paintings off with the highest quality framing. I have been using Kevin at Arthouse Northside for years and I have never had a bad experience, so if you are on the northside of Brisbane, then be sure to check him out.

I wasn't too sure how I wanted this little guy framed until I actually walked into the shop and saw this simple gold frame sample staring at me, so with Kevin's expert help we chose the mattboard colours and I was pleasantly surprised that within 5 minutes we had it worked out. Then the waiting game starts. Its usually about a 2 week wait until I can actually see the finished product. When I get that text from Kevin that its ready to pick up, I feel like a kid at Christmas haha. I usually head straight there because I can't seem to wait another day. And once again, I feel that this lion charcoal is another successful drawing and frame collaboration. What do you guys think?

I kinda like this minimalist frame thing that's going on at the moment. It doesn't take away from the drawing and helps to draw the eye into the picture.

I love how CJ Hendry has been framing her work as well. Very simple, and coincidentally she is also a Brisbane girl and even though she lives in the U.S. now, she continues to get her work framed by another talented guy over the southside of Brisbane. It just goes to show once you find someone who takes pride and care in framing your masterpiece, then you sure as hell better hold onto them.

The process I used in drawing this lion cub was learnt from an Aaron Blaise charcoal lesson, over at Creature Art Teacher.

It is a great technique using charcoal powder and a knead-able eraser to pull out the highlights, so a reference image with plenty of sun on the animal is the best to use. You then go over this with charcoal pencils to darken the dark's and a bit of white charcoal to add the highlights.

Quite a simple process but I love the delicateness of the end results.

This little guy is now heading into the Redcliffe Art Society Art Awards, fingers crossed it will get picked, as they only choose about 40 paintings for the final.

I'll let you know how I go in the coming weeks and where you can check out all of the artwork that made it.

Until next week,

Kerri xx