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Getting organized for Art Competitions

If I was more organized I would be talking about an Art Calendar I have which has all of the Art Competitions I may want to enter already listed with all the corresponding important dates e.g closing date, delivery date etc.

But as good as this sounds it is not something I have done as yet, so I usually just end up entering a few competitions that fit the bill for the artwork that I already have made. At the moment I am going to enter the Macgregor Lions Art Extravaganza and the Holmes Prize for realistic bird art.

These are two that I know are on and both based in Brisbane, which is where I live, I know I am missing out on so many more and I really like the idea

of creating a piece purposely for a particular show/competition, because it gets you thinking creatively.

I am writing this post to talk about how myself and any other unorganized artists can get there shit together and be on top of this.

So first up we are going to need some type of calendar to write them on. I suppose it can either be an app like todoist or just a good old diary or calendar.

I think I am opting for an actual calendar and I think I would like something large enough that I can put on my wall, that way I will see whats coming up

everytime I walk past it. I did try an app but I found I kept forgetting to use it, same as with a book diary. I guess out of sight, out of mind applied.

Then were going to need to find out what art shows are coming up for the year and if they suit us. And luckily there are already some very clever people who have developed websites that do just that. My favorite is ART-PRIZES but you could also use Calendar for Artists or Competitions for Artists which are both very good.

So really you need to mark out a few hours to go through these websites and read up on which competitions interest you. You also will need to check all of the dates for entry, drop off and pick up and make sure you are available for them. Another main point is to check where the competition is being held, great if it is local but not so good if you will need to freight your work. The cost of this along with how much commission is being charged will go towards determining your selling price of piece that you are going to submit to the competition.

Once you have decided on which competitions you would like to enter, then make sure you mark them out on your new calendar, definitely include all of the dates that are required for each show. You can then look at them over the months and determine whether you can actually enter them all or is it going to be too much work. You are better of aiming at only 2 or 3 that really suit you and your painting style rather than enter

everything available.

So this is the calendar I decided on, It's HUGE which is great because I can have it hanging in my studio where it is easy to see and I like the idea of having the whole year in plain site as well. I find the calendars that only show one month at a time, not very successful as with most art competitions you need a few months ahead of time to start planning your piece.

Being so big, it also has plenty of room to write down the name of the competition along with ideas i'm having of what to draw.

I found this at Officeworks which has a huge variety of calendars to choose from.

So now to put these words into action. My goal for this week is to sit down and go through what competitions I would like to enter over the next year and mark them all out on my new calendar.

I hope you all have a productive week as well.

Kerri xx