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Art Competition Entry Planner

Well following on from last weeks Blog, it seems a strange coincidence but in my inbox this week from Calendar for Artists, is this pretty awesome Art Competition Entry Planner.

It really couldn't come at a better time. Now I not only can write the dates on my newly purchased calendar, but I can fill out all the details on these pages.

For example, this page asks all the right questions, I don't know how many times I have filled in a Competition Entry form and sent it off with my payment, only to realize later that I didn't write down any of this important stuff. Especially how much I even priced the artwork at. "facepalm" :)

So to be prompted to fill all of this in for each piece you enter is a brilliant idea, so hats of to Calendar for Artists for creating this free PDF for everyone to use.

Even the second form is very handy and that's just an overall list of all the competitions you enter and the all important closing dates,

So you can see them all in one place.

Anyway I'll stop blabbing on about it and give you the download link so you can use it yourselves.

Have a great week

Kerri xx