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Still trying to organize my Life!

Well continuing on from a couple of weeks ago, I am still trying to get myself on top of everything. Sooo, I have been watching youtube videos about Bullet Journals and I actually think this could be great for Artists to keep track of everything. The beauty of a Bullet Journal is that you make it up as you go along. So you can setup different pages to suit what you want to record. There was a bit of work to setup at the start of the year, for all of your goals, subscriptions, what to read, content calendar etc. etc. BUT once you have all of these done, you then only need to start a few new headings at the end of every month. And because you are designing it as you go along, you can make it as simple or elaborate as you want. I have made mine pretty simple, but I still used a nice font for all of my headings. After looking at many different ideas on youtube, for me the best was by

Happy D. Artist because it is for her art business,

After watching all of these I decided to include the following pages in my journal.

* A Key at the very start, but this probably wasn't necessary because I'm not really using it.

* Then comes the index, just so I know where each page is as I get further along in my journal.

* Future Log, this is 2 x double page spreads showing the whole year, where I can mark off dates and add a little comment.

* Then I added a 'What to read' and 'What to watch' page so I can write down any books or programs I've heard about that I want to look at.

* Next is a page for 'Subscriptions' I find it hard to keep track of all of the online subscriptions/tutorials etc. I have paid for or enrolled in, so this is a great way to keep that all in one place

* Then I have a double spread for 'Painting Ideas' and 'Random Thoughts' I always seem to think of a great idea when I'm driving around, so I try and write them down here.

* 'De-Clutter' list is next. This one is for all of the areas I need to clean out in my house. Kind of a spring cleaning list.

* Then theres the good old 'Bucket List' No explanation needed there.

* I saw this idea which I think will be great for me, and that's a 'Content Calendar' this is allowing 1 full page per month to write down dates and what I plan to post about on my Blog, Patreon and Youtube once I get it started.

* 'Business Goals' and 'Social Media Monthly Statistics' are next. I think this will be interesting to look back on.

Ok so that is everything I have that only needs updating yearly or if I fill up the pages that I've allowed. Now to finally start the monthly pages which are what I will use daily. These are the ones that need new heading made at the end of each month for the following month.

* 'June Goals' and 'Monthly Sales' this is what I want to achieve each month, if I don't get it done, then it goes into the following months goals, and the monthly sales are a good way to keep track of which months have been more successful and then I can figure out why.

* A 'Daily Tracker' I'm hoping this will keep me inspired to create daily habits that I stick too, not sure if this will be successful. I might end up scrapping it next month.

* Now for my Monthly Calendars. I have one for my Art and what I am working on, when I need to get them finished along with competitions I want to enter and the specific deadlines for them. Then I have another Calendar exactly the same but this one is for keeping track of all of my personal important dates. I also have a notes page next to them, so I can record more information if needed.

* Then finally its the 'Daily Logs'. This is where you record daily, any events, meetings etc. pretty much anything you need to remember that day or week.

So there you have it. I'm still trying to get into the habit of using it daily, but I think if I allow 10 minutes every morning, before I head to work, to go over what I need to do for the day, I'm sure I will find it extremely useful. And like I said before, because you are creating the pages as you go along, you really can make it to suit your lifestyle.

Kerri xx