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Who doesn't love a drawing challenge...

But first I thought i'd share a bit about my life on the Farm.

Well this week has been a nightmare actually, I've had one of my tractor chooks (chickens that roam around our pastures and get put away at night into a moving trailer), drown in a cattle trough, I had another get sick and the other 70 chooks attack it until it died (they are so vicious) and then I find out I have slowly been poisoning my ducks (holy shit) it turns out the new food supplement i was giving them is fine for poultry but not water fowl, so luckily I cottoned on pretty quick and only had 1 die on me. Then to top it off our neighbour called and needed a hand to pull a calf that the cow was having trouble birthing and unfortunately we couldn't save it, So really it's been a week of death. I suppose going into farming we new that if you had livestock you also had dead stock. Hopefully next week will be better.

So lets get back to Art.

Well there's nothing like a challenge to get you focused or so I thought, I've never been a fan of watercolour because I always thought the paintings I had seen looked too wishy washy. That is until I came across Anna Mason and saw how she was creating quite realistic images full of colour and I was amazed it was watercolour. I then went on to find Rebecca Rhodes who was very similar to Anna in her technique but she was painting nature and wildlife, so of course I was hooked.

This brings me back to the challenge, Rebecca was running a 30 day animal eye challenge in watercolours, free to join for anyone who was interested. I thought what better way to learn the skills and techniques of this medium. and the best thing was Rebecca offers a free step by step tutorial on how to paint a dogs eye in watercolour on her teachable website.

So the challenge was set and I started out the gate fine, completing 3 eyes in the first week, it wasn't 1 a day but i was pretty happy getting that many done between farm chores. After doing the free tutorial I did find that watercolours are very time consuming, what with building up all those layers to achieve the realism. So getting 3 eyes completed int he first week was a real achievement for me. Unfortunately farm chores, building my Etsy site and commissions, all started to consume my time and I only completed 7 paintings in the 30 days.

I have come to the conclusion that a challenge doesn't keep me totally focused but it definitely gave me some great learning of watercolour and i'm loving it as a paint medium.

Watercolour is such a different medium to the pastels I am used to, for one thing you have to wait for each layer to dry. But the most different is working from light to dark which is the complete opposite of how I work with pastels.

I am still working through the 30 eyes, I hope to have them done by xmas haha.

Rebecca is now starting a nose challenge that I would love to try, to many things I want to do and absolutely not enough time.

If you want to follow along with my slow eye challenge haha then CLICK HERE to go to my instagram account.

Til next time

Kerri xx

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