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Latest Completed Pet Portrait

Hey all, Thought I'd share with you my latest pet portrait of Dusky, a beautiful white Lab that crossed the rainbow bridge many years ago but will always be in his owners thoughts. This was a surprise birthday commission for my lovely clients husband, who had no idea even though he was with her when the portrait was picked up. Thanks to my gift wrapping abilities which kept it well hidden haha.

I am very keen to hear his response when he opens it today, I'm always tentative to know how my customer likes the painting and whether I managed to capture their pet properly.

I have a number of commissions on at the moment so if you are thinking of one for a xmas present, then you would need to contact me in the next couple of weeks to book it in.

Stay tuned for my next Blog which should be out in a few days about the different pastels I use to create my paintings, it's a follow on from the previous Blog about the history of pastels.

* If you wanted to see the step by step of Dusky the white Lab then head over to either my facebook or instagram where I post all my WIP.

Cheers Kerri xx