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Wildlife Artist​


Kerri Dixon



Take your time and have a look around.  You will find all of my finished works under the Gallery Tab, or if work in progress is more your interest then check out my Blog, and don't forget to subscribe to get my weekly posts direct to your inbox.


I also love taking photos for my reference images which you can find under the Photography tab where I list the settings I used on my DLSR Camera while taking each shot.


My shop has any original work I have for sale along with Limited Edition Prints I get made myself from a specialized local printer, which I then hand sign and number.


I try to focus my art towards Wildlife with my favourite drawing mediums being Soft Pastels and Charcoal, although I do love to paint in pretty much anything that will make a mark.


I feel Pastel gives so much depth to the eyes and coat/fur of each subject which does justice to these magnificent creatures.



Through my work, I hope to raise awareness for these animals as I fear they will not be around for future generations to see unless we start making some positive changes.  


Kerri xx